how is connected to guest network..? and for how long...?

  • Hi.

    1. How do I tell how is connected to my guest network form the app..? I can't seem to find any option or list to see this.

    2. if someone is connected to my guest network and a few days later he came back will it still automatically be connected again or does the system ask him to enter the password again..?

    my system is amplifi HD Router.


  • @shay-margi All devices on the network will show under the Family tab so you can manage devices connected to the primary network and the guest network. Under the Guest tab, you can view a count of how many guests are connected as well as limit the maximum amount allowed.

    If they have connected to the network once before and the login credentials have not changed they will not be required to entered the password again. You can update the password for your guest network at any time by selecting settings in the Guest tab.

    This article may help answers about Guest Network settings:

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