Amplifi home network update..

  • I have had my Amplifi HD for about a year now and overall a very happy customer. Had a few early hurdles to overcome but the forum provided all the answers required. Whilst the HD provided a very user friendly "Set it up and leave" kind of experience (Invaluable for those who just want a solution that "Just Works"), the lack of a standard router admin experience became slightly frustrating. To rectify this I have invested in an EdgeRouter 6P , Using the Amplifi HD in bridge mode providing WIFI only leaving the 6P to deal with all the "Hard Work"in the background. The combination of a business grade router and the excellent HD as its WIFI outlet has proved to be a very rewarding experience, giving me the best ever home network environment possible. Some might consider the 6P to be overkill in the home environment and they probably have a valid point but it has worked for my home at least ☺ 👍

  • @tim-sparling-0 Thank you so much for sharing your story and configuration! May users on the community inquire about using Edge products for more prosumer options that AmpliFi does not contain and i'm certain that your story will help others create a perfect home network environment in their own homes.

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