Plug on MeshPoint tied to Antenna Piece?

  • A MeshPoint is made of two parts, the lower base with the power plug and the upper antenna looking piece that's magnetically coupled to the plug. Is the plug piece just a power supply or are there more electronics in there? Specifically, are the plug and antenna pieces hard-linked to each other in some way?

    I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue I'm having with a MeshPoint not powering up so I took the plug from another MeshPoint and combined it with the Antenna from the troublesome unit. Is this going to cause a problem? It seems to work, but I'd rather avoid trouble down the road if it's a bad idea.

  • @scott-bussinger It is simply a power supply so they can be swapped without causing any issues. Were you able to diagnose the power supply as the culprit? If so let me know so I can partner with our replacement department and get you new ones under warranty.

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