Want Port Forwarding but Amplifi HD has to be in Bridge Mode

  • Guys/Gals,

    I've got the 1G Verizon FIOS setup (so I've also got their Quantum router). I've had to setup my Amplifi in Bridge Mode to make everything and everyone happy.

    Looking at my Amplifi, since it's in bridge mode, I cannot enable Port Forwarding there (I'd like to remote desktop if possible).

    In this setup, is there any way where I can still have Amplifi in bridge mode, rocking and rolling, and do port forwarding from my Verizon Quantum router?

  • @jordan-sembower To my knowledge, if AmpliFi is in bridge mode you shouldn't need to configure a port forwarding rule on the device, implementing the rule on your Fios router should be enough.

  • I think this is specifically what I was looking for. I haven't screwed around with the Fios router since purchasing my AmpliFi (about two years ago), and I'm loathe to have to do so. But, alas, I'll do it!

    Thank you for this. I needed someone to tell me that, yes, I need to go into that godawful router and open up the ports for remote desktop (shakes fist at cloud).

  • @jordan-sembower I couldn't agree with you more, Good luck in your adventure!

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