Mesh Point (Ethernet Backhaul) channel and width selection.

  • These can make great little APs in a home environment for customers (we're an ISP). Unless I'm able to control both the router and meshpoint's width and channel these are useless. I get that I can control the router's channel selection and size, but the Auto channel and width on the Mesh Point chew up freq needlessly and make frequency planning very difficult.

    This has been requested a few times but the most resent I saw was about a year ago ( Any chance this will happen?

  • @jonathan-wangsgard Here is how this option is currently configured: A Mesh Point's channel will be the same as the router's for the band that is used for Wi-Fi backhaul. Mesh Point will auto select channel on the other band. If Ethernet backbone is used then Mesh Point auto selects channels on both bands.

    This feature has been requested in the past and I will add your voice to this request. I hope to provide an update in regards to features soon, but I do not have an ETA at this time.

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - what about Teleport?
    They essentially function as mesh points, but in entirely different environments
    Does Teleport auto select it's own channels every time?
    Or does it take any channel information from the home router?

    It would be really nice to be able to manually select the Teleport channels

    I also use an HD Router attached to a Teleport via Ethernet, so it becomes a wired backhaul extension of the home network
    Here again, it would be nice to manually select channels instead of relying on an auto select algorithm

  • @derek-saville Teleport will auto select its channel every time, I will add this to the feature request because I do not believe this functionality has been requested yet specifically for Teleport.

  • @ui-brett Really like to se a option to change the channel and width for the non-backhaul WiFi on the mesh points.

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