Optimising Amplifi to work with Ring Floodlight Cam

  • Hi All,

    Just bought and set up the Amplifi device and two mesh points and was wondering if there were any optimisation settings to make the devices work more effectively with the Ring Floodlight Cameras ?

    As at the moment, Live view is taking forever to load, however if I change my my wifi connection to that of the Amplifi HD SSID than it loads slightly quicker.

    Is there any special settings I need to adhere to ?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • @alex-thorne Devices will always have better performance when connected to the primary HD router in relation to connected to a Meshpoint (if considering equal distances from each connection point).

    Certain things can be enables and configured that may help provide a more reliable connection. Based on their location a connection to a mesh point may or may not be the best solution, so creating an addition SSID on the mesh point (if device needs 2.4GHz specifically select that, if not select both) as well as an additional SSID on the router to test a dedicated connection for performance. Enabling features like Router steering will also help if the device is trying to switch back and forth between connection points.

    On tip to consider, having the mesh points too close to the router can create connection issues by having to much overlap. Place your Meshpoints at a distance that gives you roughly 80% connection on 5GHz or if you need the range extend it further where it may only provide 2.4 GHz coverage.

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