Mesh router + ethernet = faster speeds than wireless mesh point?

  • Community Admins (or users),

    Looking for advice to achieve fastest possible speed/signal for gaming!

    I currently have an Amplifi router located on the 2nd floor of a 3-level town home (built in 2004, around 2-2.5k sq ft) and wireless mesh points in both the 1st level bedroom and 3rd level bedroom (gaming PC location).

    Will any of the options below provide faster speeds than a wireless mesh connection to my gaming PC on the 3rd floor?

    1. Amplifi mesh router (instead of mesh point) - Hard wire PC to mesh router via ethernet

    2. Connect a high-end Wifi extender to Amplifi network (nighthawk, etc?) - Hardwire PC to wifi extender

    3. Use a 2-piece powerline wifi extender to create in-house LAN ---
      Plug powerline adaptor into amplifi router via ethernet (also plugged into wall socket). Plug powerline wifi mesh point into wall socket next to gaming PC, connect gaming PC to mesh point via ethernet

    I've research a lot online trying to find the best way to accomplish this. any recommendations would be highly appreciated!!


  • @jason-dong are you using a gamers edition kit by any chance of you don't mind me asking.

    Also the routers are more powerful than the mesh points but I've had no issues gaming on Xbox one with them and I'm just using the normal hd kit.

    But I have two routers in Mesh and an eithernet cable form the router in Mesh mode to my PC and to my Xbox one at the moment and I get the same pings as I do on straight wired no issues there.

    To answer your question you could try the gamers edition kit or a second router in Mesh point mode.

  • @jason-dong Meshrouters configured as access points would certainly be a good setup and may offer more throughput.

  • @jason-dong I know it old, but if you want a gaming PC to have the fastest possible internet, and you do not have the ability to run a wired connection, then I would recommend Ethernet-over-Power (Also called Powerline-Ethernet). This will give you a 2Gigabit Ethernet network that runs on your power lines. Each room must be in the same phase of the breaker panel, but this will give you LAN speed up to the router. WiFi will never be close to LAN speeds... it just isn’t possible with current technology. WiFi is okay for internet usage, because the internet is often the slowest piece of the network. But for gaming you want really low latency, and maximum possible throughout. Mesh is good enough when wired is not an option, but there is no substitute for a wired connection.

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