is amplifi the right choice for me?

  • hello community,
    i need a good vpn solution. i live in germany but i have to work a lot in romania.
    i need a vpn service to watch netflix germany and other stuff.
    i was thinking of buying the ampliFi HD Mesh and a amplifi teleport for traveling.
    am i missing something?

  • Hi @jolle-knolle - it does work

    How well it works depends on a few things:

    • what you are trying to use it for
    • the upload speed and latency of your home (Germany) network
    • the remote (Romania) networks you are connecting to

    To live stream Netflix from Germany you will need a good upload speed in Germany and a good corresponding download speed in Romania

    If you control both networks it works great

    Shared connections, like at hotels, sometimes don’t have good enough download bandwidth or low enough latency to support streaming

    In those cases you might need to download videos to watch instead of live streaming

    The user interface of Teleport is also NOT user friendly and hotels with difficult portals and unfriendly DNS setups can make it hard to get Teleport working
    Right now you cannot connect to a hidden SSID

    AmpliFi claim to be working on improving the user interface, but there is no timeline communicated for when those improvements will be ready

    So you may experience some frustration getting Teleport to work, but when it does work, it works well

  • @jolle-knolle Another thing to consider, AmpliFi Teleport only has a US model.

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