Amplifi Mesh vs Unifi APs for small hotel (20 rooms, 6000sqft, 3floors)

  • I've been looking at both the Unifi and Amplifi forums/stories to figure out what I need to setup a wifi system for our upcoming project. While there are quite a bit of material on the Unifi side for small hotel cases, I dont see any on the Amplifi site. I'm looking at mesh products because of where the project is being carry out there are not any decent contractors to carry out the networking installation. I would have to fly them in and that would be quite costly over time. I also do not want to run a ton of wires through this site. Construction material is concrete and brick walls.

    Anyone have actual experience getting the Amplifi products to work for 100 devices? I've seen online 1 case where they had a network of 60 devices and it just stopped working.

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