Invisible diagnostics button

  • On iPhone 7, iOS 12.2, Spanish language, Amplifi 1.9.1, in the diagnostics section, the button to re-run the diagnostics at the bottom of the screen is practically invisible in its normal state, but if you happen to guess that is there and press it, when is in the “down” or “pressed” state it shows the button text.
    Even when the button works, the fact that it has no text in it’s normal state, makes it difficult to find it and use it.
    Not sure if this is an Spanish localization (language-specific) problem or a general one since I haven’t tested in other language.

    The normal state looks like this:
    normal state

    Once you press the button it looks like:
    pushed state

  • This is not specific to the Spanish localisation, it's the same with English (at least in the UK), the button text is also hidden until you press it for me too.
    I'm guessing they accidentally just changed the font colour to White for that text.

  • Thank for confirming the issue @ben-thomas, let's hope that somebody from the amplifi ios dev team is listening to bug reports. Checking on the iOS bug report forum the last time someone from the team responded was 22 days ago, so I'll ping @UBNT-Brett and see if he can escalate the issue.

  • @miguel-contreras-montoya My apologies for not posting a response earlier. I have forwarded this issue to our application team and they are working on it now. Thank you for testing this and reporting it @Miguel-Contreras-Montoya and @Ben-Thomas!