AmpliFi instant router with a wired backhaul to a AmpliFi mesh router

  • Is this possible? Not sure if they can work together or not, it does not specifically say in any of the docs around this use case. I was thinking about getting a instant router for my basement and using the existing ethernet drop for a wired backhaul to my main mesh router. Don't want to buy it unless I know it possible though. Anyone know?

  • @eric-poelke You can use the AmpliFi Instant in conjunction with your existing AmpliFi mesh. The one things to be aware of is that you cannot add the AmpliFi Instant Kit to any other AmpliFi Kit. So when purchasing the Instant, be sure to get the stand alone router. Adding it to your mesh is simple just like adding any other mesh point, once its added simply toggle on the Ethernet backhaul option and plug in the ethernet drop.

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