Bridge Mode with Ethernet-Backbone has substantial bugs

  • I have 9 AmpliFi HD Mesh Router units, one being the base node and the others serving as mesh nodes being connected via ethernet cat 6 cables as ethernet backbone with the base node. I am rather disappointed with the wireless speed I can achieve, which is well below the speed I got with Apple´s Airport Extreme units in bridge mode which were replaces by the AmpliFi units.
    Now I discovered that the Amplify units establish various hidden networks, corresponding to the Guest 5 GHz networks plus various other hidden networks I cannot identify based on the MAC addresses. This might explain the slow wireless speeds I can achieve since obviously the wifi channels disturb each other.

    Why are the notes establishing the 5 Ghz guest signals in hidden mode (no SSID), although a Guest network is not supported in the Bridge mode? Why are the other hidden networks established, although no additional SSID is enabled and the modes are in ethernet backbone mode?
    For the time I will have to stick with the AmpliFi nodes but hope for rectification of these effects which must be serious bugs according to my understanding. As soon as Wifi 6 mesh nodes arrive on the market I will consider to replace the AmpliFi nodes by nodes of another vendor.
    For your information I upload an Excel showing the result of a network can done with Wifi Explorer on MacBook professional. All Wifi signals of the vendor Ubiquiti Networks originate from the above mentioned 9 AmpliFi units.The signals having marked as vendor Tenda Technology orignate from Tenda MW 6 units I have for establishing a guest wifi.

    (Excel file deleted on May 29)

  • @otto-wilhem Thank you for reporting this and taking the time to create the spreadsheet. Can you please generate support files from AmpliFi so we can research this further?

  • @ubnt-brett - I'm seeing the same thing with iStumbler. There are multiple wifi networks detected with no SSID but the MAC addresses correspond to the "Guest Network" MAC Addresses of my Amplifi HD routers (1 main, 2 mesh mode). Can you give me an email address to send the log files and the iStumbler info?

  • @ubnt-brett
    I just sent the support files via email to
    Best regards
    O W

  • @rakesh-gupta
    I have also tried iStumbler as well but iStumbler doesn´t see all the hidden networks. Wifi Explorer sees also more hidden networks than NetSpot. I therefor recommend to invest in Wifi Explorer if you are interested to look into this issue.

    Someone should look into this issue for a configuration with the AmpliFi HD operated in router mode with AmpliFi HDs used as notes connected over ethernet backbone with the base unit, to see whether there are hidden networks as well.

  • Hi @otto-wilhem - are you not just seeing the wireless backhaul networks?

    Wired Ethernet backhaul mesh points still need to make wireless backhaul available for additional wireless nodes to find and join the mesh network

  • @otto-wilhem Hidden SSIDs are there for two purposes: for wireless mesh backhaul connections and, on 5 GHz band, for Additional SSID networks and Guest Network.

    5 GHz hidden networks for Guest and Additional SSIDs were needed to allow enabling them without Wi-Fi restart (no clients disconnected).

    5 GHz hidden Guest SSID was left enabled in Bridge mode because "Guest Network in Bridge mode" feature was planned (currently being beta tested) and for more reliable configuration changes.

    We did not see any noticeable performance impact of having these networks enabled.

    What wireless speed with MacBook Pro are you getting now when downloading from internet and when downloading from LAN connected device? Are you seeing significant differences in speed when connected to the main router (being next to it) and when connected to mesh point router (being next to it)?

  • I will do some tests for providing some speed data as suggested. This might take some time.

    If these hidden networks I was astonished of are intended all, then please consider to provide the option to switch them off when not needed. This applies to the hidden guest networks and the hidden additional SSID networks, which obviously are not needed as long no such network is enabled (by you in the firmware for the bridge mode and by the user for the router mode and in the future apparently also for the bridge mode), as well as to the hidden wireless backhaul networks, which are not needed as long there is a ethernet connection between all nodes.

  • I have the same issue.

    I have 3 AmpliFi HD routers in bridge mode with ethernet backbone enabled.

    And the WIFI speed can only reach to about 250Mb/s

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