Remote access Catch-22..

  • First of all, documentation on how to use Amplifi HD remote access is severely lacking, as far as I can tell. I found many references on how to enable it, but none on how to actually use it. As a result, I setup remote access at a new router at my vacation home (which is rented out when we're not there) but had no idea how to test it. As it turns out, there really isn't a good way. You have to be on another network, which is a catch-22 if mine is the only network around! I have little-to-no cell access at my house, so mobile data isn't an option (at least when I'm nearby). Unfortunately, after setting up and returning to my primary home (1500 miles away), I now find remote access doesn't work for some unknown reason. Since I couldn't test it before I left, I have to be remote to test it, but if it doesn't can see the problem. When I return in two months, I'll have to drive somewhere several miles away at least (like a hotel in a nearby town) and find either cell phone reception or a public Wifi network (sorry, there are no Starbucks or Mickey D's there). Then if it still doesn't work, I have to drive back home and try to reset/reboot, then drive away again to retest....AARRRGGHH! It would be so much easier if Amplifi had a browser interface instead of just a phone app. My previous router had a standard browser login interface, which I could access from a remote computer (over Windows Remote Desktop) to test. I don't have a remote phone! Major design issue, if you ask me...

  • You can test remote access for the AmpliFi HD on your phone while next to the AmpliFi HD by simply disabling WiFi on your phone and using the phone's cellular connection for the test as if it were a remote network, which it is when on the cellular network.

  • Hi @james-wilson-0 - you might consider using a Teleport paired with your vacation home HD Router to remotely obtain local network access at your primary home for management

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