Can't proceed past first web setup page?

  • Did the initial setup, all working ok and Android phone app works fine but when I enter the web browser setup on a laptop, I can get to the first page with connection type, Advanced settings checkboxes and gamers edition QOS Settings. When I click Save & Continue, the router chimes but stays on that same page. Should I be able to get to the other settings such as Static IP and Port Forwarding on the web setup? I know I can do it on the phone app but is a lot faster to type in info on a real keyboard. Tried it on both Chrome and Safari, no difference...

  • Hi @mike-gendimenico - sadly, that is all there is to the web UI

    You have to do everything else in the app

  • @derek-saville It's such a simple interface with so few options, you think they could easily add a second page with like three other settings (Static IPs, DHCP range & Port forwarding). Silly...

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