Parental Control

  • Is there a way to block specific sites on certain devices? From my searching I'm not seeing that option. I have pre-teen twin boys who are getting into trouble. I needed to replace my old router as there seems to be some security issues with it and that router had those options. I know I can use opendns but don't need to block websites for everyone in the house. As much as I like the ease of use it missing some key features: complete web interface (using a mobile device can be cumbersome) and more configurable parental controls (blocking websites). I know Ubiquiti by name, means high end equipment.


  • @josh-gutowski Currently, AmpliFi parental controls currently focuses on creating Profiles and limiting connection times on specific devices so the entire network doesn't have to be hindered just to limit a few devices. This however does not allow you to block specific websites. Here is an article that will explain the parental controls:

    The feature to block specific websites has been requested before, so I will add your vote to that feature as well.

  • @ubnt-brett , I would like to see this as well. I have a 7yr Old that is getting some pretty vulgar stuff from YouTube. I would like to be able to block it.

  • I faced some of the same issues with my teenage son. I purchased an add on device called “Circle” which is very feature rich. Profiles for everyone in the house. Assign devices to profiles. Limit by time of day or number of hours in a day, etc. It has been wonderful!

  • I am looking for some more detailed solution too. I am using Netgear Orbi router at home with inbuilt Disney Circle parental controls, but the router is not very good in terms of quality of connection comparing to Ubiquity Amplify which I use on my cottage (so without parental controls). In fact, the Circle App is really (really) good that I am considering buying both Ubiquity Amplifi to replace Orbi + Disney Circle (gadget) to add parental controls. I hope it will work.

    Adding more granular controls to Ubiquity routers would be very welcome improvement for a lot of parents!

  • I've just replaced a home system consisting of 5 Apple Airports with two Alien routers. The coverage is vastly improved and the app is generally quite good. However, I would love to be able to control not only general Wifi access for each device on the network but also access to specific websites. Any chance this capability might be added to the app?

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