Mesh point not recognized

  • I’ve had the AMPLIFI router HD for a couple of years. My connection speeds at 1 of 2 mesh points was very poor 2MB so I rebooted the mesh point and it won’t come back online. I used a paper clip to reset it twice and it still shows up as offline and refuses to connect to the router. I also rebooted the router and it still won’t recognize the mesh point. It displays as offline in the app. How can I fix this? Thanks.

  • @mike-aburachis When a factory reset is performed on a mesh point, you will need to factory reset the router as well. The order of operation you want to follow is: Factory reset both mesh points > Factory reset router. Place the mesh points in the same room as the router just to give them the best connection strength possible, then relocate once they pair. If it is still not connecting to the main router you may have a faulty mesh point. Let me know how everything goes after attempting this.

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