Slow WiFi on FiOS Gigabit

  • My house has 2 stories and a basement.

    For my previous setup, I had one router (Archer C5400) in the corner of my 2nd floor and an extender in the basement.

    On my second floor I was getting speeds of 300-500 mbps on WiFi. On the first floor, I was getting speeds of 100-150 mbps on WiFi and in the basement I was getting speeds of 80-100 mbps connecting to the extender.

    This setup worked fine, but my devices would never automatically connect to whichever router was closer and sometimes I would be in the basement and my phone would still be on 1 bar of WiFi connected to the router upstairs which gave me speeds of like 10 mbps.

    I bought AmpliFi HD in hopes to solve this problem and in hopes that with the 20000+ sqft of range they promised, I would at least be getting 250 mbps speeds throughout my entire house.

    However, this doesn't seem to be the case. I setup the main box unit with screen where my router on the 2nd floor was and setup one mesh point on the first floor near my TV setup and the second mesh point where my extender previously was. Standing directly next to the router on the 2nd floor, the speeds seem to cap at 300 mbps. Walking away from the router and going to other spots on the 2nd floor, the speed decrease down to 150 mbps in some spots. This is horrible compared to the 300-500 mbps I was constantly getting with my previous setup.

    On my first floor, I believe my device connects to the mesh point, but my speeds are even worse. Often around 70-80 mbps, literally halved. I was getting a constant 100-150 before.

    The only place I saw an improvement was the basement, but it wasn't even that much. Speeds averaging around 90-110. Now by no means am I saying these speeds are bad, but from a $340 router I was expecting more. I literally stand right next to the main router and get speeds of 300. With my previous router, I was getting 600. My expectation was getting full bars of WiFi everywhere in the house (this expectation was met), and at least getting 250 mbps minimum (which sadly doesn't even happen on the 2nd floor at some times).

    Did I do the setup process incorrectly? I know I am using the 5 GHz band. Are the speeds being capped? I have gigabit connection.

  • Did you enable hardware Nat, and the Msdu settings on the WiFi in the lan page, put in the router IP into a browser and tick all the KVR settings and msdu see if that helps.

  • What modem are you using, is it a modem router combo?

  • @edward-dolezal Yes I turned all that on.

  • @ubnt-jt I have FiOS Gigabit, there is no modem. The CAT5e cable comes directly from the ONT outside.

    I did a firmware update, but my speeds are even worse now. Do I have a defect unit?
    The store I bought this from doesn't even accept returns, so I'm stuck with this useless $340 router.
    I don't understand how the speeds are so bad. 2nd floor, I'm getting 100 mbps now, 1st floor 20-30 mbps, and basement 10-15 mbps.

    All tests are being done on an iPhone X.

  • Can a Ubiquiti employee help with this?

    Why are speeds so slow on wireless...

  • @amit-kania the people with UBNT in their name are from ubquity.

    Also have you use something like ssdinsider to check for WiFi channels interference.

  • @amit-kania Are the wired speeds around one gig?

  • Did you get a response Or figure out how to resolve this? I experience the same issues you are describing.

  • @mark-handy Hi Mark, are your wired speeds near 1 Gig and you just have poor wifi performance?

  • @ui-jt I have 1Gig service (940/980Mbps)
    Wired I get 905/938 Mbps when testing this morning.

    When on wifi, via Amplify, I get 132/171
    When on Wi-Fi, via the Fios router, I get 412/439


  • @mark-handy Can you disable the radios on the FiOS router, place the AmpliFi in bridge mode to eliminate double NAT. If you can also enable the 802.11k, 802.11v and, A-MSDU in the web UI. Here is an article to help you with those advanced options.

  • @ui-jt Made these changes. If anything, the performance decreased and performance slightly slower.

  • @ui-jt any further thought

  • @mark-handy Do you have the MeshPoints connected? Can you also change the channel width to 20/40 for 2.4 Ghz and 80 for 5Ghz?

  • I have my single Alien router in bridge mode but only see advanced options for 802.11k and v. I'm on the latest firmware as well. I don't see the A-MSDU or the other ones shown in the pic at

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