WiFi throughput drops when using PPPoE

  • Hi,

    I have 2 standalone Amplifier Mesh Routers (AFi-R) currently used in my network system. I'm using fiber internet (dl300mbps/ul100mbps) connected by fiber modem I received from ISP.

    1st AFi-R - Setup as a router in PPPoE mode connected from fiber modern which configured in bridge mode.

    2ndbAFi-R - Setup as a RAMP with Ethernet backbone

    802.11k enabled
    802.11v enabled
    A-MSDU enabled
    Hardware NAT disabled
    Band steering ON router steering OFF
    Same SSID, manual defined channel in both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz

    The problem here is the 1st AFi-R can achieve 5Ghz WiFi throughput just 380mbps at Max (350mbps avg.) where internet speed is about 250mbps.

    Compared to the 2nd AFI-R can serve up to 720mbps (690+ avg.) and I can get full internet speed at 300mbps

    Tested by using Wi-Fi SweetSpots and Speedtest on iPhone 6s placed next to the units and I'm sure it's connected to 5Ghz to each unit during the test.

    I've tried several scenarios e.g. factory reset / switch between both AFi-R but results are the same. Enabling hardware NAT also the same. The AFI-R as a router gets WiFi speed drops compared to the one in RAMP mode.

    Has anyone experienced this problem and know how to fix, or is it something a known limitation?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Nong-Ticha-Supanich A year later, and I'm seeing what sounds like a very similar issue. I recently swapped out out my Zyxel router with a new Amplifi Gaming Edition router + MESH points.

    Within a day of setting up all of the wireless devices in our house to use the Amplifi router and its MESH points, we have started seeing all of the devices frequently totally lose their connections with the Amplifi devices - despite all having good signal.

    It seems that there is currently some instability in the ISP network - but this should not be causing all of our internal WIFI network to collapse. I would only expect brief interruptions to internet connections, not devices having to completely re-aquire their local access point!

    We were not having any such problems with the Zyxel router (which operates on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands) the day before, which is a strong indication that the Amplifi hardware is to blame.

    I note that my phone seems to have to completely re-aquire the WIFI network whenever I use the Amplifi app, even though it is already connected to the local WIFI network that the Amplifi devices are operating on.