My disappointment with Amplifi is growing.

  • I am very disappointed with the lack of communication and device updates from Amplifi. What is going on? It would be useful to at least tell the community, what to expect in future updates and when they might be issued. I am not expecting exact dates just an indication or rough timeframe, surely this is better than nothing at all.

    This is not a cheap product but i feel like i am getting cheap support and communication.

  • @mark-h What aspect of it is disappointing, if you don't mind my asking? They have pretty regular updates with new features sprinkled in most releases for AmpliFi-based networks.

    Also, have you heard of the AmpliFi Teleport product? As evidenced by that, they're beginning to expand AmpliFi as an ecosystem and not "just" a mesh wifi product. But given that the main AmpliFi system is the heart of the whole ecosystem, they had to be sure it was stable/solid before building on top of it. Given how many UniFi products there are, I can definitely relate to wishing we had more options with AmpliFi right now but even UniFi had to start somewhere.

    Hopefully over the next year or two, we'll be revisiting this conversation but saying, "If we had only known back then..."

  • @Mark I agree. I’m still waiting to have a useable USB port. Should’ve been ready at prime time. Trying to get support here and it’s spread out to weeks between contacts.

  • @papa-furr If you're looking for technical support, might I suggest calling them? I think support via these community forums is a secondary avenue for them. I've experienced very good support over the phone. If you haven't yet, I'd recommend you try that!

  • I really don't get why you are disappointed. The device does what is should do and I've never had even 1 hickup during use.

    Off course I do want to see the usb-port activated, hope some of the rich management features of the 'pro' ubiquity-line gets ported to the Amplifi, Open VPN support with off-loading on the cpu, etc., etc.

    But don't forget that it is hard enough to make a good, stable product that just works (I've participated in numerous Beta product testing, it's a PIA to get stuff to work in all kinds of situations that can occur).

    And last, but not least: Look around your house and check for what devices there are actually fora to communicate with the manufacturer and other customers....

  • No he has a point. Busy they might be there's no excuse for a lack of communication. Doesn't have to be much. Just a quick update about what they're working on, when we can expect it, etc would go a long way.

  • @owen-mcdonald

    I agree communication isn’t so bad on the UniFi forums but here it’s like a ghost town in comparison.

  • Especially when it's in regards to a feature which had been promised but not delivered yet

  • Hi all,

    Wanted to let you know that we're working on Teleport, which will be a powerful addition to the AmpliFi family. For AmpliFi Mesh we're beta testing hardware NAT – it roughly doubles the maximum throughput.

    If you want to get more involved with AmpliFi, I would suggest participating in our beta programs.


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