I may have fixed your slow speeds!

  • After downloading an installing the amplifi gaming edition yesterday I too was plauged with 50mbps on all devices with a gig connection and well over 300mbps with my archer c5400. When tooling around with the settings, I enabled the "standards" they suggessted but also updated my DNS to cloudfare's Instantly on all devices and bands I started to see consistently 150+ mbps and up to 250 on some devices.

    I do not think this is just a simple cloud flare DNS fix, as after rebooting the speeds went back to 50mbps. So i cleared the dns from to the standard and boom back to 3-5x speeds. I feel that making any change to the DNS without rebooting is fixing my issues.

    HARDWARE NAT - Enabled
    mdsu - Enabled
    DNS -
    sec dns
    UPNP - Enabled
    Prioritizing " throughput"
    Speeds set to 940000kbps and 880000kbps (per fios's max speed claims of 940mb/880mb)

    I let the network sit over night and tested again first thing today still getting 2-x5 speeds from yesterday.

    Hope this helps

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