How to use with AT&T?

  • I'll start with a bit of a background. I currently live in an apartment that provides wifi, so all I needed to do was plug my amplifi router into the wall to get the internet. I have recently purchased a house and am assuming this will not be the same. I am planning on having AT&T be my internet provider but assume they will give me their modem/router. How can I use my amplifi router instead of their provided one? Do I need to use theirs and then plug the amplifi router into it and run it in bridge mode? Or is there another option for best perfomance? Thank you!

  • @aaron-salley From what I have experienced supporting customers who have AT&T (along with a lot of google researching) AT&T devices cannot be placed into bridge mode. So when you configure AmpliFi you will need to place AmpliFi into bridge mode. I do believe you can disable wireless broadcasts on the AT&T modem/router to help eliminate interference.

  • @aaron-salley I have ATT Fiber and just setup two Amplifi HD Routers with one its a Mesh router without issue. I don't know if you will get the same setup.

    The gateway provided by ATT is a ARRIS BGW210-700 what you have to do is login into the gateway and put it in "IP Passthrough"under the firewall settings. you will want to use DHCP-Fixed mode and enter the MAC address of the Amplifi HD routers wan port. the MAC is on the bottom of the box. I also setup my network to be on the network that is different from the default network of the gateway.

    Once you have it up and running the next thing you need to do is enable Hardware NAT or your speeds will be slower than expected.

    hope this helps.


  • Thank you Mike and Brett. I appreciate your help.

  • @Mike-White what is enable Hardware NAT?

  • Hi @Mike-Hathaway - if you are using the Instant Router (as I believe you commented in another post), it unfortunately does not support the Hardware NAT feature

  • @Derek-Saville Yeah. Looks like I need a 1GIG internet service for that as well.

  • @Mike-Hathaway Hardware NAT is a way to accelerate NAT routing using Hardware instead of the CPU. there is a setting on the Unifi setup page to enable it. you can get to with your browser by going to the unified routers IP address. it is not available in the unified app.

    like @Derek-Saville said if you are using the instant router you won't be able to enable this function.

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