Speeds capping out at 250mbps

  • I just installed my AmpliFi HD in an AT&T Gigabit setup. I can’t get the speed from the device to go over 250mbps (tested using the AmpliFi app). It can be a bit faster if I test over WiFi. But no where near the full gigabit I get if I plug directly into the modem/router.

    AT&T provided the BGW210-700, where I turned off the WiFi portion of it. I put the AmpliFi in Bridge mode. I also setup an IP Passthrough for the AmpliFi. I also tried the AmpliFi not in bridge and with and without hardware NAT enabled. It all stays the same. I confirmed the cable is CAT6. All firmware is up to date.

    Any help appreciated.

  • @ben-brooks When you are testing the speed are you doing so wired or wireless?

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