Firmware v3.0.0

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  • Yes there is. Here is a support articles that reviews that feature:

  • @joakim-lundberg Thank you for reporting! We have replicated this and will have it fixed with the next update

  • I've noticed some unusual behaviour within bridge mode it seems that you have to set router steering if you are using a ramp with in range of a base router for a mesh kit, this firmware seems to have the east amount of interference headset wise so far with this configuration.

    But Ive noticed interference or some signal bleeding so I'm extremely excited for the option to disable bands that are not used.

  • My experience with the new firmware. 3.0.

    I noticed multiple devices losing connection for a few seconds. For example, I have one of those Google assistant devices with a screen. I would be working at my pc, and the device is next to it. So I can see it all the time while I work. Every so often the screen would go blank and a message 'cannot connect to wifi' would appear. Device would then reconnect in 5 to 15 seconds. Sometimes a bit more.

    Same kind of behaviour on my phones. And laptop.

    So the tinkering started.

    After I UNchecked the 802.11k option, all problems vanished. Not only that, all devices seem snappier than before (i.e. immediate response, no lag). I find this totally weird, because most of the devices are stationary, so what a setting that aims to improve roaming has to do with anything, is beyond me.

    Anyway, problems have been gone for 2 days now. Knocking wood.

  • @ubnt-kevin I have had major problems with my mesh strength after the 3.00 upgrade. Under 2.95 it was 100% for my 2 mesh points which then dropped to 65% and 33% after the update. Rolling back to 2.95 restored the signal strength. Is there a way to send u data to figure out the problem or is this a known issue? I am also using the internet backbone feature.

  • @benoit-chesneau

    I'd like to know as well. This would be huge for us.

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