Firmware v3.0.0

  • @roman-bartík you.mean the individual wired clients I'll check tomorrow.

  • @ubnt-kevin is QA working in bridge mode with this release (ie choosing the streaming, normal or gaming priority?)

  • @ubnt-kevin said in Firmware v3.0.0:


    what will be its usage? Is this related to unms?

  • why would you want guest devices to access the LAN? The whole point of a guest network is to isolate devices

  • why would you want guest devices to access the LAN? The whole point of a guest network is to isolate devices

    Hi @jeff-cariker - this was the explanation from @UBNT-Karlis on the Beta thread...

    Devices that are on Guest Wi-Fi network can not access LAN, but LAN devices can access services running on guest devices when needed.

    For example, user might choose to put Wi-Fi based IoT device that is not fully trusted on Guest network. This IoT device will not be able to connect to any LAN device, but will be accessible from LAN when needed.

  • what is friend network?

    Hi @kurt-von-schwedler - this was the explanation from @UBNT-Karlis on the Beta thread...

    It is Wi-Fi network similar to Guest Network, the main differences being: devices are connected to LAN, it uses WPA2 security by default, it creates Wi-Fi password for you (password can be changed)

  • @derek-saville ahh ok! thanks for the explanation. sounds like a good security feature.

  • @UBNT-Karlis instead of having two networks you could have a toogle option to allow individual guest devices to access the lan network.

  • I still haven't been able to receive this update. Is it really gonna take a week? I can understand for an auto update but when checking for firmware manually it should offer it immediately.

  • @wayland-kramer Agreed. Would really like to update but makes no sense why those who want to have to wait.

  • @ubnt-kevin


    Added DHCP Option 61 (Client ID) support *


    You need to make a song and dance about this so millions of customers in the UK can now use a single mesh router without having to bridge.

    I’m off to buy my Amplifi HD kit.....

    You see people if you don’t ask you don’t get

    Thanks Amplifi Team, especially Brett & Kevin

  • You see people if you don’t ask you don’t get

    Okay... Hi @UBNT-Brett - could you please fix Teleport so it actually works?

  • I can't get the update yet but anyone notice any increase in download speeds over wifi?

    I don't find the Amplifi as fast as the Netgear Orbi but it is far more stable

  • @derek-saville I just used my Teleport last month. Works fine. When did they stop working??

  • Hi @stephen-emert - From day zero
    For me, Teleport does NOT work at every location with a hidden SSID, every Marriott chain hotel throughout Asia (just tested again at the Sheraton Nanshan and Marriott Taipei recently), and at every factory site in China’s guest portal that I visit (just tried 2 more last week) which typically have their own login systems

    PS: I just checked and AmpliFi Teleport still claims on their website

    “Perfect for Traveling -
    Take Teleport with you and make any remote network part of your local home network.
    Utilizing any Wi-Fi hotspot...”

    No, not even close...or in other words "Broken since Day 0"

  • @derek-saville hmmmm....... Could be a hardware issue probably needs a new revision of the unit in order for it to work.

  • @wayland-kramer tried rebooting it first then doing an update check?
    Just to see if that helps.

  • @joe-johal wifi speed is subjective and environment based it comes down to how interferenceis handled compared to 2.9.5 I've noticed a visible improvement in preformace throughput wise it's big enough for me to notice in my case atlest.

  • @derek-saville Do VPNs work in China? I thought they required everything to be in the clear so they can spy on everything everyone does. It has worked at every hotel I have been in here in the USA. I do not travel outside of the USA. Where I work, any device that goes into china is disposed of upon returning to the USA. I'm on firmware 2.5.3 and now I am a bit paranoid to update it since it works perfectly for me.

  • Hi @stephen-emert - VPN's work fine in China

    The DNS issues at Marriott properties' captive portals is well known and there are documented steps you can manually take to try to get around them, but it is a PITA and requires a laptop (which I rarely have) manually set to their DNS servers after figuring out what they are, and then going through the Teleport setup process on the laptop = not exactly AmpliFi level user friendliness

    This isn't just China, but Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.
    Starwood properties were hit-or-miss as each seemed to do their own thing prior to their merger with Marriott
    Many China Marriott properties themselves VPN to Hong Kong for less restrictions

    Not being able to manually type in a hidden SSID has been a problem since the product shipped

    Many factories run their own VPN's with captive portal guest access, so you run into similar issues, which is not good when you are staying on site

    Sorry - I was being a little sarcastic with the request for a Teleport fix
    Well over a year ago AmpliFi stated they were working on a new Bluetooth based setup portal to be finished over a year ago to solve these issue
    Then there was radio silence for a very long time
    @UBNT-Brett recently said they were still working on Teleport
    Now we hit milestone release v3.0.0 and still nothing = very frustrating

    AmpliFi are happy to blast out a DHCP Option 61 fix when it leads to potential revenue (so there is hope for the HomeKit users)
    But a product released ~2 years ago that has never met their marketing claims (which they still make without disclaimers on their website) and flat out doesn't work for many people, and nothing...

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