unifi mesh?

  • I recently acquired a controller (cloud key gen 2 plus) and a switch from unifi to manage my cameras and i was wondering if it makes any sense to replace the current hardware i have :

    • 1 router and 1 meshpoint at last floor, router connected to the modem
    • 1 meshpoint at second floor
    • 1 routeur at first floor connected to the other via powerline and ethernet backhaul + 1 meshpoint at the end of the floor

    The initial idea was to replace it by 4 meshpoints with 2 connected via powerline to only have one app for everything. Do you think it worth it? Of course it wouldn't be an issue if the amplifi devices could be managed via the controller...

    Any feedback is welcome 🙂

    note: i can't wire the floors using ethernet as it would be quite expensive in this house unless it is visible in some way. that's why i skipped the use of others UACs. but if someone has a solution i'm happy to revisit it.

  • to complete I add the plans of the house:

    Ground floor:
    0_1560680727171_Plan 1 - Ground Floor.jpg

    First Floor :

    0_1560680703446_Plan 1 - 1st Floor.jpg

    Second floor:

    0_1560680764223_Plan 1 - 2rd Floor.jpg

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