What kind of line-of-sight range are you getting?

  • We're thinking of putting a router or access point in a window. It would point downhill at our dock about 150' away, no trees or obstructions. What kinds of ranges are people getting and would this reach that far? Our goal is to install a security camera and stream music.

    We had a velop system that all died at once, replaced it with orbi which has a lot of problems but reaches the dock. We thought about UniFi but I'd prefer going with something a bit simpler in setup.

  • @trina-werkema

    I have a mesh unit plugged in right by the back window to serve 2 security cameras and to provide wifi in the garden. 150ft is not an issue for me despite a few trees and the cameras are solid. I think the back of the garden is around 220ft and can pick up wifi but does drop so not great coverage there.

    I would add that it's not line of sight as the mesh unit is plugged into the brickwork wall beneath a window.

    Whilst it works great for me, I would love to see a dedicated out door unit added to Amplifi much like the Orbi outdoor.

  • @joe-johal Thank you for sharing your setup with us. I will add your voice to the feature request for an outdoor meshpoint

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