Additional SSID with very specific name running on 2.4 GHz

  • Hi,

    I would like to configure an additional SSID, running on 2.4 GHz, with a very specific name. Unfortunately, when I try configuring it that way, it adds a -2G at the end of the SSID. Is it possible to have the SSID name without the -2G but running only on 2.4 GHz?


  • @david-bosiljevac I am afraid it’s not. I am not sure why would they do this, but they already received suggestions on removing it, so just contact them.

  • @david-bosiljevac This feature is currently being considered so I will add your voice to the feature request!

  • This is unfortunate. I am not able to remove the hyphen which means that I have devices that will not connect. I am sending this system back.

  • @ui-brett How is this a feature. Being able to name your SSID does not seem like a "feature". This "feature" is a design flaw at best. It needs to be treated as an incident, then problem and then, in a most expeditious way, change. I do apologize if I seem frustrated, frankly I am. I have a number of devices that will not connect to an SSID that has special characters. At the moment, I have had to revert back to a Deco 5 to accommodate all of my devices. I am going to be forced to send my shiny, new, sexy WiFi system back and purchase a less shiny, and less sexy system.

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