AmpliFi Firmware Update: Delayed Release

  • Hello everyone,

    We have received multiple requests and questions about the delayed release of firmware v3.0.0, and we do understand your drive to have this firmware update asap on your system.

    We decided to release this update with delayed intervals. We understand that your home network is something very critical these days and therefore we decided to approach updates with maximum care. Even though all new FW versions goes through different QA stages including Alpha Testers, Beta Testers, etc. we cannot cover all possible real life connection scenarios out there.

    We feel really strong and confident about each of our FW updates, but if there is a way to minimize potential downtimes for our clients, we are willing to take that road. Therefore we chose to use a gradual release for this firmware in order to gather feedback and any potential real life bugs. We would then be able to fix them, thus affecting less real life users. In the end, everyone would receive better firmware and less possible problems.

    Good news! Today we are pushing 100% release, so everyone who has not received the firmware update already will be able to update shortly.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • @ubnt-brett this is really smart decision and I don’t understand why is anyone bothered by this. Anyone with higher knowledge of networking will know that there are so many potential bugs that can come down the road even after months of testing. Hope anyone can wait a week to have fully stable and operational network.

  • Hi @roman-bartík - nobody’s bothered, it’s just a new system

    Past firmware updates prior to v3.0.0 were announced and available nearly immediately to all or within a day or so

    So for forum members who have been around a while, it would be surprising not to have access to an update and people questioned what was going on

  • @derek-saville oh, good to now, thanks for letting me know. I am used to gradual updates with other brands as well so for me as a new member and user of Amplifi here it’s not unusual at all.

    Hope all members can agree that it’s safer this way.

  • Hi @roman-bartík - welcome to the forum

    If you are interested consider signing up for the Beta program

    You don’t have to install the beta firmwares for testing, but it can help keep you apprised of what’s going on in the background

  • @ubnt-brett i was chafing at the bit for this update but i definitely prefer security, reliability and stability above all else... the more speed and features i can get along with these necessities, the better. now my only complaint is that i don’t know what to do now that i actually have the update. no more checking every hour to see if the update is there yet. no problem, it’s great to have that extra time back.

  • @derek-saville already signed up for it, but so far no response from the team, so I gues I am just gonna wait and see 🙂

  • Personally I'd love to see more frequent beta releases to test new big fixes and features if the stable releases are going to be delayed in future that way.

  • @roman-bartík Your devices have been added to the program! You wont see any update on the system however, we don't have a beta firmware currently with the public release of v3.0.0 just posting.

  • @ubnt-brett oh, thank you for letting me know! I will gladly assist with the possible bug reports when the next beta is released.

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