ISP test in the app is not accurate

  • Am I the only one having this issue especially after the latest update to 3.0? Seems like I am getting much lover speeds than they really are, and also the graph of the ongoing test is not accurate to the result at the end of the test. I am getting 50/30 instead of 90/60 which I am getting on wifi through

    Tests are made at night when there are almost no devices connected nor online.

    Shouldn’t be the wired ISP test much better compred to these online? I am confused.

  • @roman-bartík No, this is a known issue with the in app speed tests. For some users it is accurate and reliable, for others its off by quite a bit. For the time being, we do recommend testing with a 3rd party speed test platform like

  • @ubnt-brett yep, what a shame, could be really good feature.

    Sometimes it’s good, but more often not. Here you can see that I am constantly getting odd results (as I got 100/100) but once there was successfull test with 90 download which is speed I am actually getting.

    Maybe this will be fixed witj the future updates, at least I hope so because idea of this is great.!

    (all tests are made when there are no one using network)

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