Amplifi HD as AP and VLAN support

  • I have been observing Amplifi for some time now and while I have deployed 100s of the UniFi APs, I have never configure the Amplifi and have some questions regarding what does it support and how it can be used.

    So I am planning to setup two Access Points at home. One will be a router/ap and the second one will be an AP only. I do have wiring doing to both locations so i plan to use Ethernet as backhaul instead of wireless mesh. I currently also have VLAN setup where my AP has a 3 SSIDs, each on a different VLAN.

    That been said. I am affraid to try the AmpliFi and found out later that it won't work on my environment.

    So, can I use two AmpliFi routers to accomplish this?
    1- Controller - Support for creating multiple SSIDs
    2- Controller - Support for VLANs so that i can assign each SSID to its own VLAN
    3- Use 1 ethernet port as a backhaul instead of using the wireless Mesh
    4- Ability to change default VLAN on each ethernet port.

    Please let me know if this is possible with the current hardware and firmware available from Amplifi.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @william-quevedo Thank you for reaching out!

    1.) Yes, you can create additional SSID's and select 2.4GHz, 5GHz or both.
    2.) No, AmpliFi does not support VLANs.
    3.) Yes, You do not use one of the LAN ports, when you enable Ethernet Backbone in the settings the WAN port is used to bridge the devices together.
    4.) again sadly no.

  • @ubnt-brett
    Thank you for the explanation and the quick reply. I know regular home scenarios don’t require this features and this is a home intended product. I would keep my existing setup and maybe move to Unifi Products.

    It will be nice to have those options on amplify but I do understand if you guys don’t move on that direction.

    Thanks again, have a nice weekend.

  • there are multiple requests on these forums for Alien to accomodate VLAN's. many are years old. what is Amplifi position on this very badly needed security feature given the wealth of insecure IOT devices these days????

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