New setup USG

  • Hi Team, I have a question but I am a little confused. Does the USG have WiFi?

    I need a router and wifi and probably I need to extend my wifi to my garden. What would be the best option for me to buy?

    How does the AmpliF HD Mesh Router compare to the USG? (Can I configure it the same way or does the AmpliF has to many limits compared to USG?)

  • The Amplifi line is designed for the consumer market (think just works). The UniFi line (which includes the USG) is designed for the prosumer/enterprise market. The later has much more flexibility and customizability but is much more complex for one that isn't experienced with networking.

    My recommendation is to stay within the family of products from the platform you choose. There are separate UniFi forums here:

  • @roy-mikes The USG does not provide WiFi, if you want that you need to add your own devices to provide that functionality. Most people seem to opt for something like the UniFi NanoHD or UniFi AP AC PRO depending on their needs.

    As Wayland mentioned, the UniFi range is designed for the Prosumer/Enterprise market so while a lot of it can be configured/managed via Cloud Key and to varying extents (depending on the product) a Web UI or CLI.

    Whereas the AmpliFi range is designed for the consumer market. Configuration is almost exclusively done through the AmpliFi app (there currently is a very limited Web UI that allows you to enter a PPPoE password, check a few tickboxes and that's about it).

    Personally, I ended up putting an EdgeRouter X in front of my AmpliFi router and use my AmpliFi router in bridge mode because the AmpliFi router does not support IPv6 Prefix delegation, so without a different router in front of it I would not have been able to use IPv6 at home.

    If you want something simple, in most cases AmpliFi will likely work for you. But there's no CLI, no way to tweak advanced settings not offered within the app etc. so if you're the kind of person that would want/need access to those, the USG and an AP is possibly a better way to go.

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