Kit Router as Mesh Point?

  • I know the devices that come with kits (AmpliFi Router + 2 MeshPoints) are somehow hard coded to work together, and that you cannot, for example, take a MeshPoint from a kit and use it with a Router other than the one that it shipped with.

    I also know that it is possible to configure an AmpliFi Router to act as a mesh point (Multi-Router Mesh Network in the User Guide).

    My question is whether I can use a Router that is sold as part of a kit as a one of the mesh points in a Multi-Router Mesh Point configuration, or can a kit Router only work as a Router?

    Thank you.

  • Hi @louis-feldman - the kit router must be the main router of a mesh

    So if you already have a kit, then you cannot add any component of another kit to the mesh

    If you currently have only standalone components in your mesh, then you could swap out a kit router as the main router then factory reset your existing component to add back to the mesh

    Only one kit router is allowed per mesh and it must be the main router

  • Thank you, @DEREK-SAVILLE.

    I bought a few devices and did some experimenting, confirming all that you said, with one interesting fact I discovered.

    A kit Router is able to function as a a mesh point for a router purchased as a standalone, but the MeshPoints that come with the kit will be rendered useless, as they will only work with the kit router as a router.

    That's a total waste of money of course, but it's interesting.

  • A kit Router is able to function as a a mesh point for a router purchased as a standalone

    Hi @louis-feldman - that is interesting and something new
    Previously you could only add a kit router in Bridge mode, so it was creating a new separate mesh and not functioning as a mesh point to the main router

    Maybe @UBNT-Brett can comment if they are working on changes in this regard...

  • @louis-feldman That should not have been the case, unless it was set up in 3rd party mode and they were not truly meshed together (two different networks). I will test this however and report back.

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  • I'm curious about the test results. I am thinking kit router as backhaul AP and wondering out loud if kit wireless mesh AP's ( qty 2, "married by design" could connect to configured backhaul device ( old kit router)) will be able to participate in mesh since they are "hard coded" to kit router (now configured as backhaul AP)?? Sorry for double talk, expecting lots of "no's" before someone actually tries this. Seems backhaul configed AP hard wired router might be compatible with kit wifi mesh AP.. Ifff .. it's connected to meshed backhaul ???

  • @john-heinze The Kit router cannot be added to an existing system, you could add standalone units to it.

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