Amplifi shuts off power

  • Amplifi shuts off power

    This morning when I came downstairs the WIFI was down and when I looked at Amplifi, it shut itself down. I thought, I will unplug Amplifi and go for a run. When I come back, I will check Amplifi again. When I did, it shut itself down again.

    Needed to go to work, so unplugged Amplifi and when I get back I will test it again.

    The same thing repeated when I got back home, the machine keeps on shutting itself down. Does somebody know how to get it back to normal. Yesterday all was good.

  • @frank-zijlstra This issue has never been reported before so I do not know if there is a solution, over your hardware may be facing issues. How long after the device being plugged in will it stay running until it turns off?

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