Amplifi shuts off power

  • Amplifi shuts off power

    This morning when I came downstairs the WIFI was down and when I looked at Amplifi, it shut itself down. I thought, I will unplug Amplifi and go for a run. When I come back, I will check Amplifi again. When I did, it shut itself down again.

    Needed to go to work, so unplugged Amplifi and when I get back I will test it again.

    The same thing repeated when I got back home, the machine keeps on shutting itself down. Does somebody know how to get it back to normal. Yesterday all was good.

  • @frank-zijlstra This issue has never been reported before so I do not know if there is a solution, over your hardware may be facing issues. How long after the device being plugged in will it stay running until it turns off?

  • Same thing is happening to me.
    Mine shuts of once or twice a week.
    Still working with support to see if it can be fixed or if I need to buy a replacement.

  • @ed-hammond Hi Ed, does this occur at a specific time or with a frequency? Does the device get hot or display a power adapter error message on the LCD?

  • Is there any additional information on this shut down issue?

    I have been experiencing this with my Amplifi Instant for the last few weeks. Yet nothing has changed in my setup for the last few months.

    Typically first thing in the morning every few days I find it off. Unplug/replug brings it back to life.

    The router sits on a well ventilated shelf and the unit never feels hot. Both this unit and the modem are attached to a UPS so the issue is not due to a loss of power.

    Current firmware is 3.4.3

  • I have the same issue. This just started in the past 2 weeks. I ordered a new power supply to see if that resolves it. Also upgraded to 3.4.4 today. All shut downs occurred running 3.4.3

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