Configure Verizon Quantum Gateway G1100 with AmpliFi HD Router

  • Trying to set up an AmpliFi mesh system. I have Verizon FiOS gigabit service, which connects the Quantum Gateway G1100 to the ONT via Cat5 for Internet, and via coax for TV guides. I want to use the AmpliFi HD router as my primary, but keep the G1100 in the mix both for TV guides, as well as the extra LAN ports (which are currently connected to a switch).

    I'm seeing a number of different connection possibilities, all of which appear to be missing some critical information, but I believe I can configure my routers like this:

    a) Connect the AmpliFi HD to the ONT via the AmpliFi's WAN port;
    b) After configuring the G1100 as a bridge, connect the AmpliFi HD to the G1100 via a LAN cable;
    c) Turn off the G1100 wireless capability; and
    d) Leave the coax and LAN cables in the G1100 as currently set up.

    This would make my AmpliFi HD the primary network router, still allow guide info to my TVs (which are connected via ethernet), and give me a few more LAN ports at the router drop.

    Will (should) this configuration work, or given FiOS' restrictions do I need to use the AmpliFi as the bridge? And if so, that would simply require me to plug the AmpliFi into the G1100 via LAN and configure it as a bridge, correct?

    Many thanks for the clarifications!

  • @james-holden Verizon FiOS is not available where I am at, so I cant say definitively but i'm fairly certain that with TV service from FiOS their device will have to be the primary and AmpliFi will need to be placed in bridge mode. I hope i'm wrong, so hopefully someone with a similar configuration can comment.

    The configuration you described is exactly what you would need to do if that scenario would work, if you set it up that way and test TV service would you mind posting here and letting everyone know if it was successful or not?

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