Router Steering

  • I have 2 routers connected together with ethernet backbone, and 2 mesh points. Both routers run at the same speed with no loss of speed between the 2.

    My question is, if I turn on router steering, will the network always try to connect me to the main router, or are the ethernet connected routers treated the same if ethernet backbone is turned on? I want to make sure I am getting the best speeds, but don't want to connect to the wireless mesh points unless necessary.

    So does it treat wired and wireless mesh points the same, or is there a priority towards ethernet connected routers? Thanks

  • Hi @paul-wilson - @UBNT-Brett has previously reported that ethernet connected routers are treated the same if ethernet backbone is turned on and priority is given towards ethernet connected routers versus wireless mesh points within the AmpliFi system

    However, please note that client devices ultimately choose which access point to connect to

    So while Router Steering will try to influence clients towards Ethernet backhaul routers, the client device may still override the feature

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