Slow WiFi on comcast xfinity

  • I am using comcast xfinity with 400mbs service.
    I use a netgear c7100v modem and it is configured in router mode. connecting directly to the router with a laptop has consistent connection speeds around 375mbs.
    connecting directly to the ampliFi HD with cable results in the high throughput (375) but through wireless, the max speed reached is about 120mbs. Avg is around 85.
    ampliFi is running 3.0.0 revision 19.

    I have turned on hardware NAT with no difference.
    I have put in bridge mode...and that seemed to bump speeds up from 50-60mbs to the 85avg, 115mbs once in a while.

    super frustrating. i have kids and want the ability to manage devices through profiles....and that can only be done if not in bridge mode. Aside from being able to increase the wifi footprint with this unit, what is the point if the speed is being significantly impacted at the AmpliFi unit?
    Any suggestions would be great. I want to like the AmpliFi HD...I really do.

  • @john-0 Same with Spectrum Charter service. I have 100Mbps service and am now lucky to get 1/3 of that wireless since the latest update. I really like this router too, but man...they have to get their act together on this speed thing wired or wireless!

  • PS. I just did a roll back to 2.9.5 on the router and mesh points and speeds are back to normal.

  • @john-0 Can you place your Netgear c7100v in bridge mode or does Xfinity require it to be in NAT mode? I bring this up, because running a double NAT (Two routers on the network) can create issues and if the Netgear cannot be placed in bridge mode, AmpliFi will have to be bridged.

    I am currently on gig speeds from Xfinity running v3.0.0 on AmpliFi and wired I am able to obtain gig speeds, wireless will vary depending on devices and environment but I do not face the same loss you are seeing so we should start to look into your environment and see what could be causing this loss.

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