Initial Ethernet Speeds are Slow

  • Issue: Over ethernet, Cat5e, the initial speeds report as 2/100 Mbps. If I power off the unmanaged switch and unplug the cable from the wall, wait about 30 secs, then plug into the PC that that is on and retest I get full 150/150 speeds which is the max for my ISP. This pattern happens consistently each time the PC is started up. I tested this with another laptop and I get the same behavior.

    Originally this ethernet was running over power and I thought my issue was due to this. Recently had new Cat5e run to the PC and I am still experiencing the issues.

    Why is the speed on the initial lease slow? Once the lease is renewed it begins performing.

  • Ended up chatting with support tonight. They had me assign a static ip to my PC and now it is working. The speeds are actually exceeding my ISP speeds.

    If you have a device on ethernet I would highly suggest creating a static lease for it. There seem to be some issues with their IP Table process that is slowing down the speeds in some cases.

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