Converting Amplify Mesh to add-on to ISP router/wifi

  • I have an Amplifi Base station, 2 Amplifi Cubes and 1 Amplifi HD access point.

    The base station is connected to my ISP's router/modem via ethernet and the mesh network has its own SSID.

    Would it be possible to configure some or all of the Amplifi hardware to act as an extension to the ISP Router/Modem wifi network, instead of acting as a parallel SSID ?

    If so, I would greatly welcome any detailed instructions of how to do this.

  • @patrick-van-osta - are all of your devices, cube routers & stick mesh point, standalone purchased separately?

    Or are some of them from mesh kits?

    Standalone stick MeshPoint HD’s can already be configured as extenders for 3rd party routers

    You should see the option in the app interface when setting up a new or factory reset standalone MeshPoint HD to add it to a 3rd party router

    I would recommend turning off all other AmpliFi devices so the new device that you want to use as an extender can only see the 3rd party router when you want to set it up this way

    The latest beta firmware release notes indicate cube routers will have the option soon:
    “Standalone router can now be set up as a standalone mesh point (to use with 3rd party router)”

    Some people have indicated in the past that this already works, but I have only used it for the stick MeshPoints myself

    Just note that if you have a mix of Bridge mode and 3rd party installations, they have to be managed independently in the app on the same device

  • So if I understand it correctly, I should do a little 'trial and error'.
    I will start by powering down all amplifi devices.
    Then I reset the HD Meshpoint and see if I can add it to my main (ISP-provided) SSID. If that works, I would then power up and reset the two Cube meshpoints one by one and try the same.

    I would leave the base station powered off in that scenario.
    I will give that a try.

  • Hi @patrick-van-osta - correct, if you power down all AmpliFi devices and factory reset your standalone MeshPoint HD, you should be able to set it up with a 3rd party router

    Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device and when you go into the app, use the 3 bar ‘hamburger’ menu in the upper left to start a new installation

    The same process either will work for the standalone cube routers or you need to wait for the next firmware release (currently beta 3.0.2)

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