Using AmpliFi HD Router in NON-Mesh configuration

  • I like these routers (I have 2 on test), but the Mesh capability just doesn't work well for me. Can I just use them as two independent items and turn off the Mesh functions? i.e one as a Router and the second as an Access point in Bridge Mode ? I'm looking at replacing 2x Airport Extremes in just that config. I don't see why not but need to be sure before sending them back.


  • @colin-jones

    I should add that I now have a 2.4Gbps Powerline system installed that acts as a substitute GB LAN backhaul so all I need is a pair of Access Points.

    The Mesh capability wasn't powerful enough to cover the space and a third HD router would further degrade the end-to-end throughput (to not much better than now achieved by the Powerlines).

    Plus, if I leave Mesh enabled I worry about Spanning Tree problems in conflicts with the Sonos installation. Yes, I could put a smart switch (had these problems with network storms before) with each Router but now it's getting silly.

  • Hi @colin-jones - yes, you can run them as 2 independent bridged mode access points off of any main router (including another AmpliFi router) using your power line adapters as the backhaul

    You just have to set them up separately and manage them separately

    I would recommend factory resetting them, relocating them, connect them to the main router over power line backhaul and then setting them up one at a time (unplug the first one before setting up the 2nd one, and plug it back in afterwards)

    PS - you could also set each one up independently in Bridge mode right next to the main router just to confirm functionality before relocating them

  • @derek-saville

    Thanks. Are you aware if there are any spanning tree problems with the HD router ?

  • @colin-jones

    Plus, if I later convert one back to a router would this be straightforward ?

  • Hi @colin-jones

    if I later convert one back to a router would this be straightforward ?

    Very straightforward and easy - Bridge mode is just a single toggle control in the app under the Internet tab of the router
    You can also change the connection type from the Web UI accessing the IP address of the routers directly (the LCD screen will display the IP address if you cycle through them by touch)

    Are you aware if there are any spanning tree problems with the HD router ?

    Not from firsthand experience, but there have been a few posts on this forum such as about Sonos issues and multiroom audio in general

    If you are using a Sonos bridge, maybe don't have any switches in your network, and/or are willing to try out the dedicated separate SSID feature it seems like people have gotten them to work

    I can only confirm that you can run the HD routers independently in bridge mode behind the main router (I do this for serving some Teleports) and connect over power line adapters, which I have done for wired backhaul RAMPs, but not specifically for a bridge mode connection, although they are essentially the same except for disabling the mesh functionality

  • @derek-saville

    Thanks. re Sonos, I think if this is a problem then I'd prefer to disable Sonos' WiFi - there's an easy way to do this. Sonos doesn't respond to SSID limits (IME), only to WiFi channel allocations. There's now only the two Sonos units (no bridge etc), so should solve the problem.


  • @colin-jones I know this is a few days old now, but I have a further question.

    The two HD units are in place and working fine in bridge mode behind a PTT router/modem. Next step is to remove the PTT box and go HD>Draytek Vigor modem. Can I turn one HD unit back into a router without it also turning on the Mesh ? (and keep the other in Bridge mode). Is keeping the other in Bridge mode, in effect, disabling the Mesh ? (There being nothing to mesh with)


  • @colin-jones To clarify, you created two separate networks with the AmpliFi routers and placed both of them in bridge mode? Instead of meshing them together as one network then placing the primary AmpliFi router into bridge mode?

    To answer your question, yes. If you do not want them to be meshed, you can convert one unit back into a router by disabling bridge mode, and leave the second AmpliFi in bridge mode which in turn would prevent any mesh connections between the two.

  • @ubnt-brett Yes, I created two independent access points from two HD routers in Bridge mode, both on the same network from DHCP supplied by the PTT router/modem. Each HD unit has its own WiFi network.

    The reason for this (sounds illogical otherwise) is :

    My house is basically two houses joined by a 2 story corridor. From a WiFi space point of view, remember the cartoon drawing of the circus strongman's barbell ? Two globes joined by a thin long bar ? Well, that's my WiFi space. Two areas where WiFi is fine joined by a space where WiFi is not good. I use Powerline to cross that space. I'm unwilling to drill holes in the walls to run cable round the outside or inside..

    I tried using Mesh to link the spaces together - poor connectivity. Even using Powerline as the backbone, the data rate overall is poor as the Mesh backhaul hogs the line to the detriment of other network components. On my system I have 6 WiFi components and 14+ Wired components. Ubiquiti Amplifi is the third version of Mesh I use tested. I did get good results with 2x Asus routers as a point tot point connection, but they failed the WAF test.

    Currently there are 2x Airport Extremes doing the WiFi access job. The AEs though are showing their age as WiFi goes.

  • @colin-jones Seems the typo gremlin has been let loose again.

  • Hi @colin-jones - are both of your bridged HD routers currently using PowerLine backhaul?

    And if you switch to a Vitek modem and make an HD the main router, will the HD be located close enough to the Vitek to use a standard Ethernet connection?

    Just want to be sure you aren’t trying to carry both backhaul traffic and the main internet connection over PowerLine since the 2nd bridged HD would need to be connected to the LAN side of main HD router - sorry if I misunderstood your setup

  • @derek-saville
    There's no problem with the internet connection as the PTT line is in the same room as one of the HD units. The connection HD unit>PTT Router/Modem is 1m patch cord with the PTT>Wall cord then going under the edge of the floor covering for 3m or so. Powerline is for the internal data traffic. I have 2x NAS units located top-left in "globe A" with one of the media destination points (and the PTT unit) located bottom-right in "globe B". FYI one of my problems to solve had been the inability to play BluRay colour movies smoothly between the two locations.

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