Can I adopt 2nd Teleport while traveling?

  • Hey guys,

    I’m on extended travel and would like to buy and use a 2nd teleport. I’ve read that two teleports on the same HD Router will work just fine, but can I adopt and activate it remotely? If I connect it to the extended Wi-Fi network (Teleport #1), can I adopt it successfully to my home HD Router?

    Also, many stores show the Teleport discontinued or out of stock. Any concerns investing more in a 2nd Teleport if the current product line is going away?


  • @derek-s Teleport pairs to the router via bluetooth so connecting it remotely even with a teleport connection would not be possible.

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - sure would be nice to be able to pair remotely through the AmpliFi app if we have remote management enabled on the home router and Bluetooth on the mobile device next to the Teleport...can we make that a feature request?

  • @derek-saville

    I agree! That would be a great feature!

    Also, for team Amplifi, is the Teleport going to be supported moving forward? I’m seeing sites showing the teleport marked out of stock and some show the product as discontinued. Is it going away or just being replaced by a newer model?

  • @UI-Brett

    So with the HD Router / Teleport being discontinued, will the VPN routing / overall functionality still be supported in the long-term. I plan to buy a 2nd teleport, but don’t want to drop another $100+ if the plug is being pulled on the teleport service moving forward? Can I expect the Teleport to work for at least for the next ~3-Years?


  • Hi @derek-s - I have only heard that the hardware Teleport will continue to be fixed and improved with no plans on abandoning it

    3 years is hard to guarantee for any device, but the backend servers for making Teleport connections has to be the same for both the Teleport app and the hardware version of Teleport

    The Teleport app might just be the saving grace for the hardware version...

  • @derek-s said in Can I adopt 2nd Teleport while traveling?:

    HD Router / Teleport being discontinued

    When and where was this announced?

  • @james-ford said in Can I adopt 2nd Teleport while traveling?:

    When and where was this announced?

    It was never announced because it's not being discontinued. Probably just an assumption with the new Teleport App currently being beta testing, but the hardware and the app each have their own purpose.

  • It was an assumption based on multiple sites showing the Teleport Kit listed as “discontinued”. See attached photo below as an example from BHPhoto:


    There’s some stock on Amazon, but it’s going for 1.5 - 2.0 times the retail price. I figured those were decent indicators that the product was being phased out, but looks like I was wrong. My apologies!

    So how does the new Teleport App work? This is the first I’ve heard. Will it be a pay for service model or free if you have an existing HD Amplifi Router?


  • @derek-s said in Can I adopt 2nd Teleport while traveling?:

    0 times the retail price. I figured those were decent indicators that the product was being phased out, but looks like I was wrong. My apologies!

    The Teleport app will remain free, if you would like to read our post about using the Teleport Beta app you can look here:

  • @ui-jt

    Thanks much!

  • @derek-s Thanks for the screenshot! My assumption is that B&H Photo is no longer stocking the Router/Teleport kit.

  • @ui-brett

    Hi Brett - I noticed the hardware teleport is no longer for sale at the Amplifi store. Just wanted to double check one last time it’s not being discontinued or going away?


  • Hi @UI-Brett - if I understand the release notes correctly for beta v3.1.1rc2, you are essentially building the Teleport feature into the routers now, for a router-to-router connection on a per device basis?

    • Ability to teleport local devices to remote router
      If you have two or more AmpliFi systems configured with the same social account then now you can teleport selected local devices to the remote router using secure VPN tunnel. With the teleportation feature you can provide local client with access to remote router's local network and internet.

    I use bridge mode, so I can't test this yet

    Is this potentially replacing the current hardware Teleport going forward as @Derek-S is concerned about?

  • @derek-saville

    Despite what UBNT said, it sure appears the hardware Teleport was discontinued. No longer in stock... not even available in their own store either.

    Disappointing... unless they’re coming up with another hardware replacement. I don’t think the new Teleport app will ever satisfy all use-cases.

  • @derek-s - I would tend to agree since the Teleport Product Page only shows the app now

    So more HW Teleport?

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