Firmware v3.0.1

  • @ade-thompson Its not that it took a long time per say, it got hung somehow and when that happens it the only way to get out of that and try again is with a power cycle. It doesn't happen very often, but my assumption is that when it downloads the update from the server something fails to transmit and it causes the failure.

  • I can only see v3.0.2rc2 available for update on my system which is currently on v3.0.0. How do I get the latest stable v3.0.1?

  • Has anyone experienced any network dropouts since updating?
    Updated to 3.0.1 this morning (from 3.0.0), and have been having intermittent drops at WAN connection level. The app reports that the WAN connection is live but that the router has lost its IP address, etc.
    This seems to last for a few minutes and then comes back. I have power cycled both the main AmpliFi HD router and the second AmpliFi HD router (they are connected as a mesh).
    If it continues, I think I'll attempt to revert back to 3.0.0

  • @lasse-hansen I had the same issue. How do you roll back firmware?

  • @spero-koufaliotis ...have to use the web ui. Then click on support. Should come up with the option. If you can get back to 2.9.5 I would suggest that instead of 3.0.0

  • In the end I rolled back to 3.0.0, and then also did a factory reset. Seems more stable now.
    There are obviously problems with 3.0.1 since 3.1.0 is already being prepared (as well as 3.0.2). Oh, and if the expectation is that I should be doing a factory reset after every upgrade, then you guys need to do a better job. I had to move the routers close together so that the main found the second one, and I don't want to be doing that every time I upgrade. Defeats the purpose of setting up a mesh system...

  • Just curious - are most folks comfortable with the new v3.0.1? I’m away on travel and would have to update remotely. Are there improvements with the Teleport performance? Any issues with the new release or should I hold tight?


  • Can’t say anything about teleport, but I have it over 2 weeks now without restart and it’s stable as ever. Not any big visible improvements, but it’s really good and without any issues yet - at least for me.

  • Thanks for the data point! - Derek

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