Mix Standalone Devices

  • Hello Folks.
    Can I mix standalones devices to create a wireless network at home?
    My idea is to use the AmpliFi HD Mesh Router as a main router (connected to the modem) and 2 AmpliFi Instant Router as an access point to enhance coverage through the home. All these amplifi devices connected between them using a switch and running ethernet cable. Can somebody tell me if tried out this topology with these devices?
    Attached diagram showing topology!0_1562676297167_Captura de pantalla 2019-07-09 a la(s) 08.43.23.png

    Other option that I have i to buy the amplifi instant kit and one more amplifi instant standalone device.


  • @rodrigo-arzamendia what you described in your diagram will work perfectly! A few things to note just in case. When purchasing the AmpliFi Instants, you will need to make sure both are stand alone units because the AmpliFi Instant kit will not connect via ethernet backhaul to the AmpliFi stand alone router, they would have to be in the primary router location.

    My personal opinion on your setup would be this. Instead of adding AmpliFi Instants, use AmpliFi routers (AFI-R). They have a 3x3 antenna over the 2x2 in the AmpliFi Instant and have a more powerful processor. The Instants will work and if you are looking for a more cost efficient configuration then go with the Instants. However for the slight increase in cost you will have better performance and a few more ethernet ports if you need them.

  • In terms of distance range. What is the maximum distance
    reached theoretically speaking by every device:
    1.AmpliFi routers (AFI-R)
    2.AmpliFi Instants

  • @rodrigo-arzamendia The theoretical distance for the AmpliFi Instant is ~2,000 sq ft. AmpliFi stand alone router ~ 10,000 sq ft.

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