Teleport Manual update?

  • Hello all,

    Is it possible to manually update the teleport via the fwupdate.php? In addition to that I'm currently using my phone as a hotspot and connected my teleport to it. I'm able to connect after disconnecting and reconnecting However when I look at the Teleport and the amplifi app its flashing a full blue circle and says it's offline. Could I get some help please.


  • Hi @kristoff-davis - is your Teleport broadcasting its SSID?

    If yes, you can connect to the SSID and go to the web UI via http://amplifi.lan
    If not, you have to reset the Teleport with a paperclip and connect to the default SSID

    If you can access the web UI, click on the Support the link in the upper right
    If your Teleport is attached to a remote network with internet access you should see a firmware update notification

    If you your Teleport is not connected to the internet, you can manually install a firmware update after downloading it locally
    The latest firmware is Teleport v3.0.1

  • @kristoff-davis I can help you manually update Teleport, are you wanting to test the new beta firmware or the latests stable public release? The issue you may be describing could be fixed on v3.0.1

  • @ubnt-brett would it be possible to get a link to download latest public for Amplifi HD ? I am on beta but i felt more stability on the public release. Thank you in advance !

  • @angelo-illiano Do you need the router only or Mesh points as well? If you updated to the latest beta from v3.0.1, the rollback feature will work but I will DM you v3.0.1 as well

  • Thanks for the update link. @Derek-Saville it finally connected after manually updating. @UBNT-Brett Seems like the issue was fixed in 3.0.1 so now im good on the connectivity and the pairing. Seems like the firmware I received with the teleport I ordered was bad 2.7.3 i think it was. Please suggest to the team that prior to shipping out the teleport, they need to update it to at least v 3.0.0. If I have any further concerns I'd be more than glad to notify the team for development purposes...... Time to finally play with my new toy.

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