Is it possible to assign LAN interface to guest network?

  • I'd like to know if it is possible to assign an amplifi physical wired network interface (LAN port) to the guest network? My purpose is to be able to plug a wired IoT device like a camera into the guest network, so that it has access to the internet but not the trusted internal network.

    I've read that with release 3.0.x it is possible for devices on the internal trusted network to communicate with a device on the guest network. I'm trying to accomplish the reverse: protect the internal trusted network from a wired IOT device that needs internet access.

    Thanks for any help

  • Hi @steve-vajo - it has been a requested feature for Guest LAN clients, but to my knowledge still not implemented

    It would be interesting if a WiFi Extender attached to the Guest SSID would then allow LAN devices on the Guest network

    With the next firmware release AmpliFi routers can work as extenders, so an HD or an Instant could in theory put a LAN port on the Guest network if there isn’t some other client limitation

    Would that work @UBNT-Brett ?

  • @derek-saville @Steve-Vajo The current FW release will allow you to use the AmpliFi router as an extender. You will get a warning message when configuring because it will detect that its an AmpliFi network and will recommend meshing the devices instead of placing in extender mode, but you can just skip past the warning. I have never tested this, but in theory it makes sense.

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