Firmware 3.0.x Issues

  • My ISP is Spectrum with a 100Mbps/10Mbps service. Speed was great on the 2.9.5 firmware. A month or so ago, 3.0.0 came out and I updated the HD and mesh points. Immediately download speeds dropped to half. After a couple of weeks, I tested again with same results and through this forum determined to try a rollback to 2.9.5. Right after the rollback speeds were immediately back to ISP specs. Today 3.0.1 was available and thinking there was a fix, updated the points and route again. However, before I did, I did a speed test on 2.9.5...with 108 down and 10.8 up. I updated the points and router to 3.0.1 and tested again. Best I got was 46 down and 11.4 up. Issue is not with the upload speed, but obviously the download speed. There were no changes to configuration so there has to be an issue with the firmware.

    I've never been able to get wired speed results anywhere near the service specs, but I'd be happy just to get the wireless speed resolved.

    I did rollback again to 2.9.5 and speed is right back to 101 and 10.5

    PS. I really really like the router, but these speed issues are driving me to drink...more.

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