Question about Router Hardware

  • I recently purchased the Gaming Edition Version and when unboxing the Router I can feel something moving inside the case. It is not something small like a screw or nut, it has weight to it. I am wondering if this is expected or it was damaged in transit. The shipping box and retail box were both in pristine shape with no damage.

    I have submitted this question via email support as well, but both replies I have received from support have ignored the question.

  • Hi @carlos-urrea - the Gamers Edition is supposed to have identical hardware spec's to the regular HD cubes (except for the color scheme) and I have never felt anything move inside the case of an HD

  • @carlos-urrea the router itself has no moving parts, so if you can shake the router and hear something you need to get the kit replaced. Where did you purchase the kit from?

  • @ui-brett I purchased it from B&H Photo. Should I work with them on an exchange or would it be thru Amplifi?

  • @carlos-urrea It honestly does not matter, but whichever is more convenient for you. We would have to ship you out a replacement, where if B&H was near by you could go swap it same day to save time. let me know if you want me to help you process the exchange through us or head to the store.

  • @ui-brett I ordered it from B&H online, and after reading up on their exchange process it might be faster to go with you. Please let me know what step I should take next. Thank you!

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