AmpliFi speeds worse since upgrade to Gigabit plan

  • My speeds seem worse since I upgraded to Gigabit with my ISP. I've tried the NAT option but doesn't seem to make a difference. Not sure what to do. Thoughts?

  • @jeff-tingey Who is your ISP? What equipment are you using from your ISP and what does your network topology look like currently?

  • That’s the same thing that is happening to me but Kevin B Tier 3 support is trying to help me out.
    Jose G.

  • Same problem. Been trying to resolve with tech support for over a month. They are now telling me that Gigabyte speeds on AmplifiHD are only available with a wired connection. This doesn't make sense. Why would I use a wireless router if I need to be directly connected by a cable? I can already do that directly to the modem why put an inferior piece of equipment in between?

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