Bridge or router behind DMZ?

  • I'm wondering what do people when their provider has no MODEM with bridge. Are you putting your amplifi in bridge mode or in a DMZ if the provider router allows it? Are their some gain in using Amplifi in a DMZ?

  • asking it differently. Are some of you using the bridge mode instead of the router behind your ISP provider? I'm quite sad to lost the QOS and other wifi related thing when going in bridge mode 😕

  • @benoit-chesneau I use mine in Bridge mode behind an EdgeRouter X, it works very nicely for me this way. Basically the only things you loose out on are DHCP, Port Fowarding and QoS now - but that would all be handled by your other router in this situation anyway. You used to miss out on having a Guest Network, but this is not the case any more as a recent update enabled Guest Network in bridge mode. The only real thing you miss out on now is Family Profiles.

    With QoS enabled on my ER-X I get an A grade on for bufferbloat etc.

  • @ben-thomas said in Bridge or router behind DMZ?:

    I use mine in Bridge mode behind an EdgeRouter X

    If only I had such router 🙂 In this case unfortunately It would be the router provided by the provider as PPPOE is soon to be removed (it's deprecated currently) and you can only have all the feature using DHCP options (90 & 77) and some vlans. That config is undocumented, unsupported and can change any time (it already had).

    I may use the bridge mode anyway, it's the only one that allows me to have full IPv6. Hopefully with the coming guest mode, the QoS will be available soon.

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