Dead Mesh point?

  • Hi Guys,
    I noticed yesterday that a mesh point I was using to connect some wifi cameras to was not responding.
    It was located in an indoor 'store' at the end of the house but was showing 'offline'.
    I've just gone to retrieve it and there is no life in it at all?
    Is there an internal fuse I'm not seeing? or is this something more terminal?
    I have no lights, no response from anything.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @gavin-turner - you can sometimes separate the magnetic ball joint and make sure the springy pogo-pin hasn't gotten stuck and is making good contact

    If you have a 2nd working MeshPoint HD you can also swap the lower electrical plug sides of the magnetic ball joints and to see if it is just a power supply issue

  • @derek-saville Good idea - ok, so I did that, the aerial worked on a different power supply, and a known working aerial didn't work on this one.
    now off to source a new supply 😐

  • @gavin-turner Direct Message me your shipping information and I will work with our RMA team to get a replacement one shipped out to you.

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