Dropped connections with BellSouth pppoe

  • I have BellSouth DSL.

    I have a Westel DSL Modem in bridge mode. I had an old linksys wireless router configured to do pppoe.
    That worked well and I have not had any issues.

    I recently purchased a Amplifi router. I cloned my username and password. I can lease an address and everything seems to work fine for some random time period, not longer than an hour, then the display will change to no ip address. After about one minute it reconnects. (Rinse, later, repeat). Also, I've carefully monitored the IP drop outs, I can see both the Westel modem, and Amplifi - when my connection drops on the Amplifi, I do not see any red lights on the Westel (which would indicate a line problem).

    Anyone else seen this issue?


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